German artist in giant sphere rolls to Glasgow

This German artist is rolling his way to Glasgow

(SOUNDBITE) (English) ARTIST, ARND DROSSEL, SAYING:“I am an artist, Arnd Drossel from Germany, and I started my walking inside of this sphere from Germany up to Glasgow to show, to unite people. We all can take care about our future.”

Arnd Drossel embarked on a three-month-long journey

passing through seven countries and more than 60 cities

He covered the main parts of the trip by walking inside the 353lbs metal sphere

occasionally packing it on top of a tricycle for the more impassable stretches

(SOUNDBITE) (English) ARTIST, ARND DROSSEL, SAYING: “We want to show the people when everyone gives a little promise to Mother Earth, to our children, and I will invite every people, like a little promise to us, to the Earth, then we have a chance to change the climate and to feel connected, that’s the most important thing: we feel connected, we feel united all around the world.”

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