Geraldo Rivera calls out 'vaccinated d*** heads who urge the unvaccinated to fight for their freedom'

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Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera took to Twitter to call out vaccinated people who encourage anti-vaxxers to
Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera took to Twitter to call out vaccinated people who encourage anti-vaxxers to "fight for their freedom." (Photo: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

Geraldo Rivera wants everyone to get vaccinated against COVID-19. However, the Fox News personality is also coming out against those who get vaccinated yet encourage others to resist getting the shot in the name of "freedom." 

Rivera, 78, took to Twitter on Saturday to share a passionate message about how important it is to get vaccinated. 

"Open-minded & inclusive, I’m friends with all kinds of people. But as we pass 700,000 #Covid dead, I have zero tolerance for anti-vaxers [sic]," Rivera tweeted. "Most of all, I detest vaccinated d*** heads who urge the unvaccinated to 'fight for their freedom,' the mob urging the man on ledge to jump."

Rivera's tweet drew strong responses from critics and allies alike. 

While Rivera didn't specifically name anyone specifically, it has been noted that several of his vaccinated colleagues at Fox News, such as Tucker Carlson, frequently share views that criticize vaccination mandates. 

Shortly after Rivera spoke out, former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann applauded his take, declaring that "Once again, on this topic, @GeraldoRivera is right."

In the video, Olbermann can be seen receiving his booster shot while declaring that it's "time to stop coddling the people who won't get the shot."

Olbermann followed up by holding his vaccination card for the camera and stating, "Booster shot: mission accomplished. And it is time to stop coddling them. The ones who won't get the damn shot already. We call these people 'vaccine hesitant.' 'Vaccine skeptics.' 'Anti-vax.' We say they're protesting mandates and passports. 'They're making a personal choice.' 'They're waiting for more information.' 'They're making a medical decision.' Bulls***. They're afraid."

Olbermann continued, yelling into the camera, "They’re afraid! They’re afraid to get vaccinated! Stop trying to feed their egos! Stop legitimizing it!” 

Last week, Rivera signed a new multiyear deal with Fox News to serve as a correspondent-at-large. He will also host a new show for the Fox Nation streaming service, Cops: All Access, a recap and retrospective program for Cops, the Hollywood Reporter wrote.

Video courtesy of NBCUniversal/MSNBC

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