Georgia father, son arrested in shooting of unarmed black man

A graphic video of the killing of 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia sparked outrage after it was widely circulated on social media earlier this week.

And on Thursday (May 7), a white former law enforcement officer and his son were arrested and charged with murder in the town of Brunswick.

The shooting death took place months before - in February- and the video set off furor among civil rights activists in the U.S., who saw the incident as the latest case of white perpetrators killing a black man and going unpunished.

On Wednesday (May 6) protesters took to the streets in Brunswick and a march was also held in honor of Arbery in Georgia's capital, Atlanta.

64-year-old Gregory McMichael and his 34-year-old son Travis have now been taken into custody by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and were also charged with aggravated assault.

The two men have not been convicted and it was not immediately clear on Thursday if they had retained attorneys.