Georgia 8-Year-Old Gets Emotional When She Makes the Softball Team

An 8-year-old girl had the sweetest reaction when learning she had qualified for a travel softball team in Georgia.

This video, recorded by Kristin Rigdon, shows her daughter Riley bursting into tears of joy after reading her acceptance letter aloud to her family.

“She thought she would make it, but we prepared her for if she didn’t,” Kristin Rigdon told Storyful. “I was crying as well, and just so excited for her.”

Riley has been playing softball since she was 4 years old, and has always had a love for the game. Credit: Kristin Rigdon via Storyful

Video transcript

RILEY RIGDON: What are you doing?

- Will you read this out loud?

RILEY RIGDON: Why? OK. "Thanks for coming to tryouts. Hi Kristin, I'm so sorry for the delay--" or whatever here. "We would love to have Riley on the team. Please let us know if she accepts or de--" whatever-- "this offer. Just a heads up--"


RILEY RIGDON: (WHISPERING) I made it? I made the team?

- Yeah.


- Oh, so sad.

KRISTIN RIGDON: Are you excited? Are you so excited? [? Addie ?] made the team too. You hear me?

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