Genshin Impact Devs' New Urban RPG Looks Gorgeous

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Anby Demara, Billy Kid, and Nicole Demara chill on a sidewalk on a sunny day.
Anby Demara, Billy Kid, and Nicole Demara chill on a sidewalk on a sunny day.

“Gotta style all over our opponents forces”- Nicole (probably)

During the Summer Game Fest, we got a closer look at the stylish urban RPG, Zenless Zone Zero. It’s coming from miHoYo, the developer behind Genshin Impact.

In Zenless Zone Zero you play as a Proxy, a battle-hardened guide that assists industrialists on expeditions. You’re looking to find valuable resources from Ethereals, dimension-hopping creatures that come from a rift called Hollows. These Bleach-looking monstrosities also serve as the common denominator for the post-apocalyptic city of New Eridu, the last surviving city in ZZZ.

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After the apocalypse, New Eridu experienced an industrial boom by harnessing Hollow’s supernatural powers. Now, folks from all walks of life are hiring Proxies to take down the Ethereals, who do so with all the style and grace of a Studio Trigger anime. As a Proxy, you live a dual life, accepting commissions from clients to explore various dungeons in the Hollows while also being stylish AF roaming the seemingly peaceful streets of New Eridu. Outside of performing unique attacks and combos with each Proxy character, ZZZ also has roguelike mechanics ingrained in its gameplay as well.

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Fans of HoYoverse already know the developers don’t skimp on inventive character designs, and ZZZ looks like it could keep up this reputation. It virtually gets a perfect bingo with its pool of RPG player’s characters showcased in its announcement trailer, most notably with its inclusion of a gun-wielding bear iced out with a gold chain.

Since its announcement, ZZZ revealed bios for one of its factions of Proxies, Gentle House AKA Cunning Hares, including their leader, the pink-haired lady named Nicole Demara.

Clearly vast amounts of information are still to come, with the game in closed beta already. Zenless Zone Zero is slated to release on PC and iOS.

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