A Genius Storage Idea for Your Throw Blankets During Warm Weather

Isabel Garcia
Photo credit: Slowdown Studio - Instagram

From House Beautiful

During winter, there’s nothing we love more than bundling up in a pile of soft, cozy blankets. But as spring approaches and the weather starts to warm, throw blankets become unnecessary. Even the most gorgeous throws piled on your furniture can be unsightly when you come home sweating and all you want to do is to blast the AC. And those of us in small apartments don't exactly have tons of empty storage space. So where should you put them until the weather cools down?

If you love your throw blankets not just because of the warmth they provide, but also because of the way they look, putting them away isn’t ideal because you won’t see them for months. Well, after scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram, we’ve found a genius way to store your favorite throws and keep them in sight: simply hang them up.

This form of storage is both functional and decorative. Much like wall-hung tapestries, beautiful throw blankets can make great wall art—all while saving space. To hang them up, you can use a wooden quilt hanger or a tapestry hanger. Plus, unlike when you stow them away in crates for a season, these methods ensure your blanket is easily accessible if you do want a cozy hangout during the warmer seasons.

So after you bundle up in your favorite throw next week to watch the "Full Worm Moon." which signals that spring is just around the corner, instead of putting it away, try displaying it.

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