Generous Perlis dialysis centre cleaner gifts two dialysis machines to facility worth RM80,000

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KANGAR, Feb 3 — Meet 54-year-old cleaner Kalipulizan Mansor who has a heart of gold.

Kalipulizan gifted not one, but two dialysis machines worth RM80,000 as gifts to his workplace at the Hemodialysis Centre in Hospital Tuanku Fauziah in Kangar, Perlis.

Speaking to Malay Mail, Kalipulizan who has worked as a cleaner at the centre for 15 years now, said he could afford the donation after he managed to sell a piece of land he inherited from his late grandparents.

The humble man had noticed that some of the dialysis machines there were having problems.

“Looking at all the patients there, I felt compelled to help especially after seeing how crucial those machines were to them.

“Plus some of the available machines at the centre are not in the best condition which is why I’ve made up my mind to ‘wakaf’ (endow) these two machines.”

He said that he managed to cut a deal to buy the machines via a technician who works for the dialysis machine company, with each machine costing him around RM40,000.

Kalipulizan hopes that the two machines he bought would be the much-needed replacements for the broken dialysis machines at the centre.

“Another reason for these machines is because of my late grandparents. They were the ones who gifted the land to me and I hope to repay them back by gifting these machines to the centre.”

When asked whether he himself could use the financial help, Kalipulizan answered that he has his day job as a cleaner and the pay is enough to sustain his livelihood.

“Another advantage of having the machines here is that I can attend to it myself. I would be able to look after it and take care of the machines so it can take care of others.”

Kalipulizan earned praise from social media users after his realtor Izhar Azimat, who was also responsible for selling Kalipulizan’s inheritance land, shared about the cleaner’s gifts on Facebook.

The post has amassed over 4,000 likes and has been shared over 3,000 times on Facebook with local social media users applauding Kalipulizan for his selfless action.