Generations of families make clay tablets in Iraq city

STORY: Clay tablets have been made in the Iraqi city of Kerbala for generations

Shi’ite Muslims around the world use them to pray

Locator: Kerbala, Iraq

The ‘Turbah’ is believed to be a prayer aid, a blessing and a cure for sickness

(Manar Abdel-Saheb Abdel Kazem, Home workshop owner)

"We inherited (making Turbah) from our fathers, grandfathers and mothers. It is our whole life, we don't know how to make anything else. Our family produces 1,000 to 1,500 (pieces) a day and distributes them to shops with reasonable prices."

The tablets are made from soil in the holy city

They often praise Prophet Mohammad’s grandson, who is buried in Kerbala

Millions of Shi’ites flock to the city each year

to mark Ashura and other religious occasions