General Election 2024: Are the Tories facing wipeout in inner London? ...The Standard podcast

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

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Part one

The 2024 general election has been called.

On today’s episode of The Standard podcast, Jon Weeks joins our politics team to speak with Rachael Burford and Jitendra Joshi.

Rishi Sunak stepped out from the steps of Number 10 in the pouring rain on Wednesday afternoon, to reveal the news to the nation.

It’s sent the country into a frenzy, with politics taking over social media, while journalists and political analysts begin to dissect the chances each party has of winning, in the run-up to July 4th.

In inner London, the Tories face a possible wipeout - following the backing for Labour mayor Sadiq Khan this month, and with polls back in April suggesting that Labour was on course to win at least 64 seats in London.

But could the Conservatives pull back some support in the capital? And how high a priority will London be for Rishi Sunak?

Jon, Rachael and Jitendri discuss the Conservatives' chances in London ahead of the July 4th general election.

Part two

In part two, Londoners Diary editor Ethan Croft reveals the behind-the-scenes drama at Westminster, during Rishi Sunak's announcement on Wednesday.

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