Gen Z looks toward a COVID-free future

[French student Solene Tissot, 19, in Paris, saying:] "For 2021, I hope that we have a better handle on the pandemic, and that there is more progress for the vaccine ... I feel like I've been deprived a little of my youth, and I hope that in 2021, I can take back a bit of my freedom and be able to see the world, as 20-year-olds do."

[South African sabre fencer Nomvula Mbatha in Johannesburg, saying:] “This year was cancelled in our lives, I feel like we wasted a whole year doing nothing especially as sports people."

[Italian student Elisa Dossena in Crema, saying:] "Unfortunately for me, the day before my graduation was the first day of lockdown. So I couldn't see my friends and relatives. I could only share so much of this beautiful moment with my parents and my brother."

[U.S. student Valeria Murguia, in McFarland, California, saying:] “I lost my job back in March. I haven't been able to get it back [...] I also lost my college experience, that connection I had with professors, with classmates, being able to walk around campus, study in the library, have my own life during college, was also taken away from me.”

[Brazilian cyclist Joao Vitor Cavalcante in Sao Paulo saying:] “In 2021 I hope that things will return to normal, people will be able to meet with their friends, their family and give them more affection. May all people's dreams be rebuilt!”

[Vogue dancer Xiong Feng in Wuhan, China, saying:]"I think the year 2021 will definitely be better than 2020. Because it will never be worse than the year 2020, right? It will get better and better. I hope I can make more money and then buy a property."

[South Korean high school student Lee Ga-Hyeon, in Seoul, saying:] "Hello, I'm 17-year-old Lee Ga-hyeon. Next year, I hope to enjoy a BTS concert in a mask-free world and do well in my college entrance exam and get into the university I want."

[Moscow resident Galinna Akselrod-Golikova, saying:] “It would be great if humanity would understand that they are not almighty and all-powerful and that our lives can be influenced by new factors at any moment; that we need to take much more care of our planet, that we need to pay attention to nature.”

[Student Jackline Bosibori in Nairobi, Kenya, saying:] "If the vaccine will be found people will go back to normal life, they will shake hands and people will go back to their normal jobs. Yeah, it will be a good year for everyone if the vaccine will be found."

[U.S. student Valeria Murguia, in McFarland, California, saying:] “For 2021, I really hope the world starts to move back to how it used to be. I hope vaccinations are a success and everyone who lost their job could find a new one or get the one they had. I hope schools open again so kids could go back to school. I really hope I could get to graduate and attend my ceremony. And I just hope that life could just go back to normal and we could put this back.”

[Italian student Elisa Dossena in Crema, saying:] "For 2021, I hope for a little bit of normality. I hope people can leave their homes freely. I hope it will be possible to go for a coffee with friends at the bar. I hope it will be possible to return to the school desks, places of work and university. I don't ask a lot but I hope for this."