Gen V producer say he’s ‘infuriated’ as The Boys cameo leaks ahead of final episode

 (Prime Video)
(Prime Video)

Gen V producer Eric Kripke has hit out at “infuriating” spoiler leaks after two surprise cameos in the finale of the Boys spin-off series.

The show is set in the same world as The Boys, and the eighth and final episode featured the appearance of some recognisable faces from the hit Prime Video series.

However, while praising the actors for taking time out of their schedule to film the roles, Kripke expressed his furtration over set photos spoiling the surprise ahead of broadcast.

*Spoilers follow – you have been warned*

In the finale, Antony Starr reprised his role as the villainous Homelander, with a mid-credits scene showcasing the return of Billy Butcher, played by Karl Urban.

While Urban’s appearance, which set up for forthcoming season of The Boys, was a complete surprise, Starr’s cameo was less of a shock considering photos leaked online showing the actor on set during the show’s production.

Reflecting on this spoiler, Kripke told Entertainment Weekly: “I find it totally infuriating. No matter how hard you try to implement security protocols, that kind of s*** just gets out into the world and it’s a bummer.”

The showrunner of Gen V, Michele Fazekas, said of the leak: “I also try to stay off social media for that reason – I don’t want to know what people know. We’re in the day and age where it happens, it’s social media. We can control only what we can control.”

Kripke praise the pair for taking time out of their “gruelling” schedule to film the cameos, for which he claims they were not paid.

The Boys season three concluded in July 2022, and production on the forthcoming season was underway until the Hollywood actors’s strike, which are ongoing.

Antony Starr as Homelander in ‘Gen V’ (Prime Video)
Antony Starr as Homelander in ‘Gen V’ (Prime Video)

If an agreement is reached within the next few months, The Boys season four will begin in 2024. Gen V will also be returning for a second season after winning acclaim among viewers and critics.

Another show from the makers of The Boys, the critically acclaimed animated supehero show Invincible, returned to Prime Video on Friday (3 November).

Gen V is available to stream on Prime Video now.