What 2021 has in store for Gemini

Kerry Ward
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Photo credit: Cosmopolitan UK
Photo credit: Cosmopolitan UK

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Want to know what's in store for your star sign for 2021? Here's Gemini's horoscope for the coming year...

Changes coming in 2021 for Gemini

(The High Priestess)

By September, you will have made a total transformation in terms of how you see yourself, your role, and your identity. Things are stirring within, deep down, that will drive a totally new and inspiring chapter in your life, and 2021 is the turning point. The High Priestess reflects deep, spiritual, personal knowledge, and self-awareness: your inner voice. Use the first part of this year to tune in to that, and listen. The messages you receive will change how you live, work and play. Big shifts lie ahead, but they all start within you.

Relationships for Gemini in 2021

(King of Coins)

Despite being the most free-wheeling and fun-lovin’ sign, you do actually like stability at home. You can go ~out out~ with your friends for fun, adventure and wild times… at home, you want peace, calm, security. The King of Coins sees you leaning in to relationships that provide this, in 2021, and prioritising people who make you feel safe and are strong in themselves. Your relationships are maturing. You want different things now.

Career development for Gemini in 2021

(The World)

The World is the final card of the tarot and a symbol of achievement and legacy, reaching your ultimate goal and becoming what you were destined to be. Big stuff, right! Well, Gemini, it’s going to be a BIG year in terms of your career. These internal shifts will shine a light on the pathway you want to walk, the lifestyle you want to live, and the role in this world you think you can bring your talent and uniqueness to. Find your niche. Don’t stop or hesitate, because this is your destiny. You can achieve anything you want in 2021.

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