GEM Tang denies asking exorbitant fee from Kaohsiung tourism

15 Mar – GEM Tang has recently denied allegations that she demanded high endorsement fee from the Kaohsiung Tourism Bureau.

As reported on Now News, the issue sparked recently, when the bureau's director-general Pan Heng-hsu claimed that the endorsement fee for her concert and tourism promotion was as high as NTD 6 million, adding that she should not be "too greedy".

When asked about this, the singer's agent stated that they have never actually received any call from the Kaohsiung Tourism Bureau.

"We don't know how they came out with that amount," the rep added.

Pan's statement had since been mocked by netizens and fans alike, with one saying that it is natural for a celebrity to demand payment as they like.

"If you are not satisfied by it, you don't have to work with that artiste. But you don't need to humiliate others by sharing it with the media."

(Photo Source: GEM Tang Instagram)