GEM doesn't regret taking hiatus to work on new album

19 Sep – GEM recently admitted that her decision to take half a year off to work on her new album was a surprise to many, especially to her team.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who spoke about her new album, "Revelation" recently, shared that while her team supported her decision, they were worried about the whole thing - the idea of GEM not making any money for such a long time.

"Retreating is important to me. If I don't put all my energy into the album and still do some other work, it will affect the quality," she said.

"I know how complicated the project is, as not only did I write 14 songs, but I also wrote a script for the music videos. If I had to do other things as well, I can't make sure that every link is perfect."

Asked if she counted the losses that she incurred during the process, GEM said that she earned nothing throughout the whole thing while also spending money at the same time.

"I didn't think about it so much at first. I just wanted to concentrate on making the album. I finally felt the financial pressure later on, but am very happy to see the results," she added.

Talking about one of the inspirations that came from cyberbullying, GEM said that what she wanted to express was not only that, but also verbal abuse, which would be encountered at home, at school or in the office.

"I want to bring out a message, don't underestimate a sentence. Everyone knows that hitting people is wrong, but using words to hurt people is another level of harm," she added.

GEM believes that putting her all into her album was worth it
GEM believes that putting her all into her album was worth it

(Photo Source: GEM Instagram)