Geese Glide Over Potomac River as Strawberry Moon Sets in Washington

A ‘strawberry moon’ was seen over Washington, DC, according to mesmerising footage posted on June 25.

It was “the last supermoon of the year”, according to NASA.

“Towards the end of June, the moon usually sits in a lower position in the sky and shines through more of our atmosphere. Because of this, our moon can sometimes give off a pinkish hue”, the agency said.

The name is derived from the Native American Algonquin tribes, who believed it signalled the time for harvesting ripening strawberries and other fruits.

This footage was posted to Twitter by @RiverGirl707, who said it showed the strawberry moon setting over the Potomac River near the Memorial Bridge in Washington, DC. Credit: @RiverGirl707 via Storyful