'G'Day!' Aussie Greets Koala Who Wandered Into Store Amid Coronavirus Slowdown

A curious koala took the opportunity to explore a Rivers clothing store in Warrnambool, Victoria, on March 16, as human shoppers largely stayed at home amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Footage recorded by Stuart John Ivermee, who was visiting the store for work, shows the koala moseying through the shoe aisle, much to the amusement of the Rivers staff.

Ivermee told The Standard the koala “came through the front doors.”

While many in Australia have been worried about the spread of COVID-19, the koala “was comfortable and not too worried at all,” according to Ivermee.

The staff closed the shop’s doors after spotting the koala, Ivermee said. He told Storyful that animal rescuers were called to remove the koala and give it a new home at Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve. Credit: Stuart John Ivermee via Storyful