GBBO's 80s week was full of nostalgic vibes, and viewers loved every minute

Abigail Malbon
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Photo credit: Channel 4
Photo credit: Channel 4

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Great British Bake Off's 80s week consisted of quiches, finger doughnuts and ice cream cakes (on one of the hottest days of the year, no less) - in other words, a nostalgic dream come true. As the rest of the world focused on lockdown and US election news, GBBO viewers settled down for an hour of baking escapism, and not one regret was had.

Despite the fact that this year's youngest baker, Peter, felt the need to remind us that he was born in 2000 - most bakers were excited to get stuck in, and we had one of the most creative episodes of the series so far.

There was British breakfast quiches, overbaked doughnuts and some very questionable ice cream cakes, but mostly there was pure joy. Viewers, of course, shared their views on the internet throughout the episode.

Some made their own feasts at home to enjoy while watching:

Others watched to laugh along at the very innuendo-filled episode (best one yet tbh):

But mostly, we all just enjoyed the 75-minute distraction from anything else going on in the world.

God bless Great British Bake Off and the joy it brings to our Tuesday nights, eh?

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