How to make gazpacho: Chilled soup from Andalusia

Wonderful Gazpacho, the chilled soup from Andalusia, is world famous and could be thousands of years old, as it has influences from the Moors, Romans and even Ancient Greece. My understanding is that it's a dish that comes out of necessity. Spanish shepherds would take stale bread, vinegar, olive oil and garlic to the hills, they most likely chopped up the ingredients or ground them in a mortar and added water to create the soupy consistency. Vegetables can be added of your liking and the most recognised version of gazpacho contains tomatoes, peppers and onion. Most cooks now use a blender to create a smoother finish and I like to pass mine through a sieve to remove some of. the bits of skin but this is completely up to you, after all this is your gazpacho. The traditional garnish for gazpacho consists of chopped up boiled egg, onion, peppers, tomatoes and ham.

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