Gaza's beekeepers are struggling with climate change

STORY: Once a honey-exporting hub, climate change

is causing a crisis for Gaza’s beekeepers

Location: Gaza City

Rain and wind kept bees in their hives this spring

when they should have been out foraging

(Waleed Abu Daqa, Bee farm owner)

"This year was the worst year for beekeepers, the hives collapsed. One day the hive was made of 10 frames and a week later, it would turn into four, and then two the week after, and then would eventually die, because the bees were adapted to the normal weather changes. So when it was supposed to be warm, the weather would be cold and, when it was supposed to be cold, the weather would be warm. It became confusing for the bees' system, which lead to a decline."

Palestinians live under an economically devastating blockade

and have a difficult time importing supplies

Over recent years, the number of

hives has almost been halved

and honey production has dropped to nearly

200 tons from about 440 a few years ago