Gazans try to stop erosion with concrete blocks

STORY: Gazan authorities are striving to counter shore erosion

by dropping concrete blocks along the shoreline

Location: Gaza City

(Nasser Thabit, Ministry of Public Works and Housing official)

"Since last year the effects of climate change was reflected in the rise of the tide and waves that reached up to six meters in some areas, in Rafah, al Zahraa, and Beach refugee camp, and due to the rise in the tide, the edge of the main coastal road became eroded, therefore, the ministry started working day and night to add support to the road before it collapses."

But experts fear the concrete barricades may not stand another stormy winter

and that high waves could cause the collapse of the coastal road and threaten homes

(Abdel-Karim Zaqout, Beach refugee camp resident)

"People have been trying to protect themselves during the past couple of years, they bring refrigerators, wheels, rubble, stones to protect themselves from the tide, and you can see that these are simple things that people can afford without real resources, this requires the intervention of international organizations, people who can look into this matter, the beach here does not exist."

"We are afraid, of course, everyone's afraid, in summer it is covered, (the water is covering the edge) these stones are covered in summer and cannot protect us, this is in summer, so what about winter."

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