Gazans enjoy locally-produced natural sweetener

STORY: [Location: Rafah, Gaza]

This university lecturer is using the

plant stevia to make a sweetener

Saada al-Majdalawi wanted to create

an affordable locally-produced sugar alternative

as imported goods are expensive in Gaza

[Saada al-Majdalawi/ Manager/ Techno Plant]

"This product is a sugar substitute. It is a safe product and is suitable for diabetic patients, people who are on diets, cancer patients and any people who care about their health."

Majdalawi cultures the plant's seeds in a lab

before moving them to a greenhouse to be potted

The leaves are then cut and taken back

to the lab to be extracted and packaged

"The stevia sweet product costs 15 shekels, in comparison with imported products that cost 35 shekels or more. The product’s good quality is also guaranteed, especially as it was tested by the ministry of economy labs and the food testing labs of Al-Azhar University."

[Location: Gaza City, Gaza]

Techno Plant distributes around 2000 stevia bottles to pharmacies and malls in Gaza