Gazan teacher gives low-cost lessons to children

STORY: This Gazan teaches maths to children from low-income families

Locator: Rafah, Gaza

(Shehadeh Al Khatib, Maths teacher)

"The idea came to me during the coronavirus pandemic because students were refrained from studying and they couldn't keep up because they were relying on e-learning. This has greatly affected their level of education. They lost two years of their lives not learning anything."

Khatib spends five hours a day providing low-cost or free lessons

using a blackboard made from a refrigerator door

His classes are attended by more than 50 students

"Some students felt lost when they saw themselves going from ninth grade directly to 12th grade because there is a gap. So, my job is to fill this gap and reinforce learning, which they did not receive during the two years of the pandemic."