Gazan kids travel to school via donkey cart

STORY: These Gazan children are riding a donkey cart to school

Locator: Khan Younis, Gaza

Each morning Loay Abu Sahloul whistles three times to summon the children

He sees the work as a social service

(Loay Abu Sahloul, Cart driver)

"The situation is bad in the Gaza strip. Their parents told me that they can't pay the 40-50 shekels for the bus. So they asked me to pick up their children, and they pay 5 shekels. Also I don't have work, so I pick their kids up for school, but sometimes the families can't pay 5 shekels. What will the 5 shekels do? Is if for the (cost of the) donkey or for the family?"

The donkey cart can be hazardous, however

Children have at times tumbled off

(Majdi Abu Sahloul, Father)

"This is my youngest child I use the cart to send him to school, I don't have the ability to pay the fees for buses. Though this is dangerous. Many times he arrived home and he was injured on his head or legs because he had fallen (off the cart), but we have no choice. I am unemployed."