Gaza Rocket Hit Israeli Base Suspected of Holding Nuclear Weapons: Report

Amir Cohen/Reuters
Amir Cohen/Reuters

A rocket likely launched by Hamas militants during the Oct. 7 attack hit an Israeli base that people with knowledge of the country’s weaponry assert had nuclear-capable warheads. A visual investigation by The New York Times showed that the rocket caused a fire at Sdot Micha Airbase, but the missiles, which are believed to be stored in a different location, were not affected. The analysis revealed that the fire was extinguished about 1,000 feet from a probable missile facility and 400 feet from the military center’s radar system. A spokesperson for the Israel Defense Forces refused to give a statement on the discovery, but the newspaper observed satellite images that show new barriers placed close to the rocket’s blast zone. Israel has never admitted to possessing nuclear weapons, but U.S. officials and Israeli whistleblowers have claimed otherwise.

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