Gaza man spurns digital age with 25,000 newspapers

STORY: Location: Beit Lahiya, Gaza

Talal Taha is known in Gaza as ‘The Newspaperman’

thanks to his collection of 25,000 newspapers from the past five decades

He began collecting them in the 1970s with the twists and turns of Israeli-Egyptian relations

[Talal Taha, 73-year-old Gazan newspaper collector]

"Many people talked to me about newspapers saying that newspapers are finished and I reply you are finished. Holding the newspaper in your hands is joy. It is completely different from viewing images on mobile phones, a paper that is 40, 50 years old, holding a newspaper has its own joy, not only a newspaper, any old paper that you hold and look at, it is completely different than photographs."

Taha gets the four Palestinian dailies delivered to his door:

Al-Quds, Al-Ayyam, Al-Nahar and Felesteen

Once he is done reading, he takes them up to the attic

Nabil Bakeer has been distributing newspapers in Gaza for more than 20 years

[Nabil Bakeer, Newspaper distributor]

"Previously distribution of newspapers was much more, there was much more interest in newspapers and I used to distribute 300, or 400 a day. Currently, distribution decreased to 120, 130, sometimes 80, according to need, now people have cellphones and the internet, this is one reason for the decrease, the other is that people don't have money, people are unemployed. My income has dropped very much, I am hardly making a living."