Gaza man mourns fiancée killed in Israeli strikes

STORY: His fiancée, Dania Adas, also 19 and her sister Iman, 16, were both killed when Israeli jets hit the building next door where an alleged senior Islamic Jihad leader Khalil Al-Bahtini lived with his wife and daughter, all of whom were also killed.

Dania was already dead when rescue workers pulled her from the rubble, while Iman, 16 died later in hospital, their mother Asmahan Adas said. They were among 10 civilians killed in the strikes on Tuesday, including five women and four children.

"These are her clothes that she bought for wedding, she wanted to buy more stuff but we lost everything due to the occupation," 19 year-old Mohammad Saed told Reuters, in the wrecked room of his fiancée's family's house.

Israeli officials said Al-Bahtini was one of three senior leaders from Islamic Jihad targeted in the strikes, accusing him of being the commander responsible for a barrage of rocket attacks on Israel last week.

They confirmed that women and children were killed in the air strikes but said Israel tries to limit civilian casualties.

But Palestinian officials in Gaza said Israel targeted residential buildings in the coastal enclave, where 2.3 million people live squeezed into an area of just 365 square kilometers, and accused Israeli officials of disregarding civilian lives by striking residential spaces that shelter women and children.