Gayle King Introduces Her New Granddaughter on Instagram

gayle king grandkids
Gayle King Is a Grandmother AgainCourtesy Gayle King

In an Instagram post on Mother's Day, Oprah Daily editor at large Gayle King announced that her daughter Kirby Bumpus and Kirby’s husband, Virgil Miller, welcomed their second child — a baby girl named Grayson Miller.

She wrote, “Best Mother's Day EVER!! My fav daughter Kirby Bumpus and husband Virgil Miller welcomed their daughter and now Luca is a big brother! Fave granddaughter GRAYSON has arrived!” You can see the post below.

The newest addition to the family comes nearly three years after their first child, Luca, now 2 years old, was born. Gayle tells Oprah Daily that Luca has already beautifully undertaken his role as “big brother” and knows he has to help with baby Grayson.

This year’s Mother’s Day celebration coincided with Kirby’s birthday, and they were also joined by Gayle’s “favorite son,” Will Bumpus, and his fiancée, Elise Smith.

Luca’s name for Gayle is Gaila, a substitute for “Grandma” that the pair perfected together. Before Luca was born, Gayle settled on the name Gaia, which means Mother Earth (and she even took suggestions from Nancy Pelosi and Ellen DeGeneres). When Luca started talking, he included his own little twist by adding in a “l,” and so Gaila it is.

For Gayle, her family continues to expand in the best way possible. She announced earlier this year that Will is engaged.

Congratulations to the whole family!

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