Gayle King Gets Flirty With Lenny Kravitz, And People Can't Get Over It

Gayle King did not miss the opportunity to speak her mind when she asked Lenny Kravitz about his dating life in a recent interview.

During the wide-ranging conversation on Thursday’s broadcast of “CBS Mornings,” the co-anchor warned the rock icon that any love interest of his would have to deal with her — and that it wouldn’t exactly be a friendly interaction.

“Do you have a significant other in your life? And can I beat her ass if she is?” King asked, making Kravitz laugh.

“Oops. Did I say that out loud?” King quipped with a laugh.

“Wow,” the singer responded.

“And I’m not violent, Lenny Kravitz,” she said.

King then asked Kravitz about his love life more earnestly, to which he responded that he’s “open.” He also said that he desires a relationship.

Kravitz and King eventually moved on from the co-host’s flirtatious line of questioning, but people on social media couldn’t get over King’s bold approach.

“Lenny Kravitz got Gayle King acting unusual,” one person wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

Check out other reactions below:

Earlier this month, Kravitz responded to fans who had a lot to say about another passion in his life: working out.

Fans questioned the rock star’s wardrobe choices after a video of him intensely working out in leather pants went viral on social media.

He explained in an interview with Variety that he sometimes exercises in leather pants simply because he doesn’t have time to change before heading to the gym.

“I’m coming from somewhere or I’m going somewhere,” he said. “And I just don’t care. I’m gonna pop in, I’ve got 45 minutes, we’re gonna hit it and I’m gonna go run to where I’m going.”