Gavin Newsom Says Trump and DeSantis Feed ‘Fetishness for Autocracy’ Across US (Video)

California Gov. Gavin Newsom joined Chuck Todd for his last episode hosting “Meet the Press” and the pair engaged in an interview primarily about the upcoming 2024 presidential election. When it comes to Donald Trump’s candidacy, Newsom said, “I worry about democracy. I worry about the fetishness for autocracy that we’re seeing not just from Trump, but around the world, and notably across this country.”

Newsom added, “I’ve made the point about [Ron] DeSantis that I think he’s functionally authoritarian. I’m worried more, in many respects, about Trumpism which transcends well beyond his term and time in tenure.”

When asked which candidate might pose a “greater threat to democracy,” Newsom initially declined to directly respond and insisted his real concern is “about democracy fundamentally.” When Todd pushed further, Newsom responded, “I think the vengeance in Donald Trump’s heart right now is more of a threat.”

To address these fears, Newsom shared that he’s committed to helping President Joe Biden’s bid for reelection. “I’m going to work hard to get President Biden re-elected, and work hard to make the case for what he’s done for this country.”

“And as I say, I don’t just say it lightly, I think it’s been a master class,” he added. “What he’s done across the spectrum has been extraordinary. And it is my job and responsibility — it’s all of ours as Democrats — to make the case anew for Biden’s success and his accomplishments in four more years.”

You can watch the full interview between Todd and Newsom here.

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