Gather your family and unwind with these Hari Raya movies on Netflix

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Are you feeling the Raya mood? Here’s a list of movies to relax before enjoying round two of your hearty rendang meal.

As Hari Raya approaches, there’s nothing like watching feel-good movies after endless servings of lontong and rendang. Gather your family and kick off the festivities with various Raya films. If you’re in the mood for comedy, check out Raya Tak Jadi and Syif Malam Raya. You can never go wrong with Ejen Ali: The Movie for the kids. With three new additions to Netflix, we suggest adding Kongsi Raya, Showtime 1958 and Prebet Sapu to your watch list. If you want to know the history behind the iconic ‘Selamat Hari Raya‘ song written backstage at Jalan Ampas Studio, tune in to Showtime 1958.

A list of movies to watch throughout Hari Raya 2022:


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Kongsi Raya

When Jack and Sharifah confess their love to each other, the couple is determined to break the cultural differences between the family as both fathers disapprove of their relationship. To make matters worse, their fathers turn into rivals by challenging each other in a televised cooking competition. Can Jack and Sharifah soften their dads’ hearts before the match?

Kongsi Raya premieres on April 27. Watch it here.

Prebet Sapu

Starring Amerul Affendi, Prebet Sapu (Hail, Driver) is a Malaysian drama about Aman, an illegal e-hailing driver, as we delve deep into his experiences ferrying passengers on the streets of Kuala Lumpur. The taxi driver, who is also colourblind, forms an unlikely friendship with Bella, an escort, as they navigate the struggles to make a living in the city while highlighting taboo topics such as racial prejudice.

Prebet Sapu premieres on May 1. Watch it here.

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Showtime 1958

Set in Singapore, Showtime 1958 takes viewers back to the prime days of Malay cinema. Directed by Anwardi Jamil, the film is a tribute to his late father, Datuk Jamil Sulong. Based on actual events, the story is set during a 24-hour period at a concert organised by P. Ramlee and Jamil to raise funds for the Malayan Artistes Union. Fun fact: P. Ramlee and Jamil wrote the iconic Selamat Hari Raya song at this concert.

Showtime 1958 premieres on May 3. Watch it here.

Ejen Ali

Here’s something special for the kids. Ejen Ali: The Movie follows 12-year-old Ali as he navigates life battling crime in a top-secret agency, Meta Advance Tactical Agency (MATA). While Ali adapts his life as an agent, we later meet a mysterious new character, Niki, who steals tech to sustain the slums. As he befriends Niki, she drops a vital piece of information about Ali’s past and his parent’s whereabouts.

Watch here.


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Syif Malam Raya

In the mood for a comedy-thriller? Add Syif Malam Raya to your watch list. When two friends were forced to work the night shift by transporting a body to Ipoh, their friends decided to hitch a ride to their hometown too. However, strange things start happening as they drive through a haunted village.

Watch here.

Raya Tak Jadi

You can never go wrong with great comedy. When two siblings (played by comedians Saiful Apek and Johan Raja Lawak) discover a mysterious man in the bonnet of their taxi, they had no clue they would be entangled in a kidnapping plot before Hari Raya. The siblings later create a plan to upstage the kidnapper to prevent their family from trouble.

Watch here.


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