Gas supplies till end of May - Sofia city council

STORY: In the worst-case scenario, chairman of the Sofia city council, Georgi Georgiev, said, they would switch to fuel oil should they run out of gas.

"We have reserves for more than a month, but from ecological and environmental perspective it's not good for the environment. That's why we really hope that the state will find a solution in order to prevent an environmental crisis in Sofia," said Georgiev.

He also advocated for the state to help with the price increase in utility bills. "We believe and we are repeating that from the very first day that it's not fair all the citizens to pay out of their pockets the increase and the volatility on the market for energy and fuels, this is why I don't think that is a proper solution," he said.

Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov has called the delivery stop a grave breach of a current contract amounting to blackmail. Russian President Vladimir Putin demanded that buyers from "unfriendly" countries pay for gas in roubles or be cut off, starting from the date payments are due for April. The European Union has rejected this demand.

Bulgaria is supplied through pipes over Turkey. Poland receives its Russian gas through the Yamal-Europe pipeline from Russia's gas fields

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