Garth Brooks Broke Down During an Emotional Moment From His Concert With Trisha Yearwood

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Garth Brooks Broke Down During an Emotional Moment From His Concert With Trisha Yearwood

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  • Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood performed Sunday night during the CBS special Garth & Trisha Live! A Holiday Concert.

  • During the event, one fan requested that Garth sing "Belleau Wood," a song about a Christmas ceasefire during World War I.

  • While taking on the emotional song, Garth fought back tears.

  • Garth & Trisha Live! A Holiday Concert is airing on CBS again Wednesday, December 23 at 9 p.m. ET.

Garth Brooks had to take a moment to collect himself while performing live on Sunday night.

During CBS's Garth & Trisha Live! A Holiday Concert event, which is re-airing on the network Wednesday evening, Garth and his wife, Trisha Yearwood, took song requests from fans online and performed various holiday numbers like "Silent Night" and "O Holy Night" from their Nashville home. But while tackling all of the classics, one fan insisted that Garth play "Belleau Wood," a 1997 song inspired by a documented World War I Christmas ceasefire between opposing troops.

Before Garth began, Trisha told her husband, "Good luck, buddy. This one makes me cry and I never cry." Sure enough, while strumming his guitar and singing about the "snowflakes that fell in silence over Belleau Wood that night," Garth got choked up.

"Sorry, I'm gonna get this," Garth promised fans while holding back his emotions. After taking a beat to collect himself, Garth proceeded with the song until the very end.

Of course, Garth was hardly the only person holding back tears in that moment. One fan tweeted in response, "Definitely have a huge lump in my throat now." Meanwhile, another viewer wrote, "'Belleau Woods' was absolutely beautiful. The true #ReasonfortheSeason." A different fan proudly declared, "Garth singing 'Belleau Woods' in his home studio, raw, acoustic, is the best 'in-home' TV I’ve seen since this pandemic began."

When Garth finished singing, he pointed at his wife and said, "I almost made it! So sorry." He then briefly talked about the lyrics that he co-wrote with songwriter Joe Henry. "When you're sitting there going, 'Here's hoping we both live to see us find a better way.'"

Trisha responded by thanking her husband for singing the special song and gave a shoutout to the fan who requested it.

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