Garment shops in Kolkata malls face financial crisis amid COVID-19 pandemic

By Syeda Shabana Parveen

Kolkata (West Bengal) [India], June 14 (ANI): Garment shops in Kolkata seem to be facing financial crisis even after the government allowed the re-opening of shopping complexes and malls under Unlock 1.

Though the shopkeepers are keeping their outlets open even on Sundays, still the number of customers appeared to be thin.

Speaking to ANI, Partha Bownik, a shopkeeper said, "With certain expectations, we had opened the shops but due to COVID-19 pandemic, people out of fear are not visiting shops. Moreover, no transport services are available. Our business has gone down by 80 per cent."

Another shop owner, Subir Ghosh thinks that the business will not improve within the year and requested government to help in this crisis.

"There is no hope that business will improve within this year. It's being very tough to bear the expenses. We are even opening shops even on Sundays so that we can uneven the gap of lockdown period when the shops were closed but it seems useless. We request the government to think about us and provide loan at this time of crisis," Subir Ghosh said. (ANI)