Gargoyles Remastered October release date set in stone

 A screenshot from Gargoyles Remastered.
A screenshot from Gargoyles Remastered.

Gargoyles Remastered, the modern revival of the 1995 Sega Genesis game Gargoyles, is going to be released next month on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC. Specifically, it’ll launch on October 19.

For those unfamiliar, Gargoyles was based on the animated Disney show with the same name, which aired in the 90s. This is important context for the remastered version, as players are now able to experience the game with visuals inspired by the series. If you prefer the classic 16-bit graphics, that’s fine too - players can seamlessly switch between the two whenever they like. Take a look at the feature in action in the trailer below.

“Journey through one thousand years of legend as Goliath, leader of the Gargoyles,” the game’s synopsis in a press release reads. “Stone by day, warriors by night, the Gargoyles are sworn protectors against the evil Eye of Odin and all who seek to use its immense powers to control the world. Battle armies of Viking Warriors in ancient Scotland and smash relentless hordes of menacing robots in modern-day Manhattan as you quest to find and destroy the Eye of Odin before it destroys the world.”

Another feature present in Gargoyles Remastered is the ‘instant rewind’, which allows you to correct any mistakes if you happen to take an unfortunate tumble or die in another untimely manner. Oh, and the entire soundtrack has been remastered, too.

Gargoyles Remastered is the perfect dose of 90s nostalgia for fans of the iconic animated series and the original Gargoyles game,” Luigi Priore, the vice president Disney, Pixar and 20th Century Games said in a statement. “We’re delighted to bring back a classic that holds true to the foundations of the original game while enhancing it for a new generation of players.”

Prospective players can pre-order Gargoyles Remastered now, with limited physical edition pre-orders set to begin later today via Limited Run Games.

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