Gardener shares video of the ‘bee oasis’ she created to help her yard thrive in hot weather: ‘Best decision I ever made’

One TikToker has been doing her part to protect pollinators like bees by giving them a place to cool off in the summer.

Mia the Home Enthusiast (@miahiramatsu) posted a video in May showing how she created a small but beautiful bee fountain for her home. “When I saw a TikTok of a Japanese temple where they created a little bee oasis with a mossy fountain to help them survive the rising temperatures, I had to make one for my own backyard,” she said in the video description.

The process itself is straightforward. Mia puts a small plug-in pump into the bottom of a shallow concrete basin, then adds smooth river rocks and shells that break the surface of the water and give bees a place to land.

Using string, Mia ties patches of moss to a few of the uppermost rocks, which adds color to the design and soaks up water to keep tiny visitors cool. She also adds a small aquatic plant to the deepest part of the water. Finally, she places the finished fountain in the shade.

Bees and other pollinators, like butterflies, play a vital role in the ecosystem. They carry pollen from flower to flower so the plants can produce seeds. Without them, plants wouldn’t be able to reseed themselves — and in fruit-bearing species, fruit won’t form unless the blossom it comes from is pollinated.

It’s important to grow flowering plants that feed these vital pollinators. But that isn’t always enough, especially when the weather gets hot. “In my own backyard I was starting to notice a lot of dead bees despite all of our pollinator plants because of record-high temperatures,” Mia says. She hopes her fountain will help prevent bees in her area from dying this summer.

Commenters were in favor of the idea. “I did this & I now have doves, crows, ravens, hawks, hummingbirds, cats, a raccoon, & a possum,” said one TikToker. “Best decision I ever made.”

Another offered a simplified version of the project. “If you don’t have a pond pump, putting marbles/rocks in a bird bath will help too.

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