Gaming Spend Hits Record $10 Billion As Shelter-in-Place Continues

Samson Amore

Consumer spending on video games and hardware grew 11% to a record $10 billion in March, as gamers both new and experienced sought new ways to entertain themselves during quarantine. The sudden rise is expected to level off slightly once the COVID-19 virus is quelled, but analysts remain optimistic the overall upward momentum will continue. Several analysts noted the record-high gaming spend in March, including SuperData, a Nielsen company tracking the gaming industry. “We’ve been tracking this industry for many years,” SuperData principal analyst Carter Rogers told TheWrap. “Digital spending has been gradually going up year-over-year, but this is the biggest month we’ve ever seen.” Rogers added that the 11% growth rate was the “biggest year-over-year growth” in over a decade — eclipsed only by sales in 2008. Analysts at NPD Group published a similar study. Also Read: How Iceland Resumed Production Mid-Pandemic - and Hopes to Bring in Foreign Crews in May The fastest-growing category measured in SuperData’s April 22 study was console gaming, which recorded a 64% increase from February to March this year. In March, players spent $1.5 billion on console games, up from $883 million in February. That increase is driven largely by new titles released...

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