GameSir X4 Aileron Mobile Controller Review

GameSir X4 Aileron review
GameSir X4 Aileron review

GameSir has built a reputation for being a hard-hitter in the mobile gaming space. Now it’s back with the X4 Aileron, a controller designed with Android phones in mind. At a more premium price than its predecessors, does it deliver a better experience? Here is my GameSir X4 Aileron review.

Let’s game

Out of the box, the X4 Aileron impresses with solid build quality and material choices that help soften the blow of the $99.99 price tag. A good first impression is important, and GameSir clearly knows that. Setup is achieved through the companion app, where users can fine-tune settings and create different profiles.

The only nitpick I have regarding the overall design of the product is the green color of the grips used to hold the phone. They are jarringly garish, and I really don’t understand the thinking behind them. Perhaps it makes the product stand out in a sea of other gaming controllers? Either way, I would have preferred if they were black. The customizable RGB lighting around the sticks is cool, though.


GameSir X4 Aileron review
GameSir X4 Aileron review

The X4 Aileron’s two-piece design is interesting. Thanks to the magnetic connection, it is very easy to put together and take apart, and it folds up neatly when not in use.

With the X4 Aileron being two separate pieces that attach to either end of the phone – they use a wireless connection to sync – there’s a large gap leaving the back of the phone unobstructed. This makes it easy to attach a wireless charger or cooler, which is a nice benefit.

On-trend features

GameSir X4 Aileron review
GameSir X4 Aileron review

Hall Effect analog sticks are all the rage right now, with enthusiast users desiring them for their longevity and resistance to “stick drift.” With the X4 Aileron, GameSir has implemented Hall Effect sticks, which should be especially pleasing to competitive gamers where accuracy is often key to victory.

The microswitch buttons complement the Hall Effect sticks. The face buttons, triggers, and D-pad are all responsive. There’s no mushiness here, and the buttons are rated with a 5 million-click lifespan.

In use, the X4 Aileron feels comfortable over long play sessions. It’s well thought out and, ergonomically, positions the hands well. Although I’m a bigger fan of GameSir’s G8 Galileo controller shape, which works well with my larger hands, I think the X4 Aileron strikes a good balance between comfort and portability.

The downsides

GameSir X4 Aileron review
GameSir X4 Aileron review

When it comes to downsides, one issue is the lack of compatibility with cases. This is a common issue for many mobile controllers, and I’m sad to say that the X4 Aileron struggles to support cases over 1mm thick.

Additionally, the absence of a headphone jack and charging port (for pass-through) is also glaring compared to the competition. These are some shortcomings that I didn’t expect to see in a more premium-priced product.

Final Verdict

The GameSir X4 Aileron makes a solid impression in the mobile gaming controller market with its premium build quality, innovative two-piece design, and advanced features like Hall Effect analog sticks and microswitch buttons. While it offers a comfortable and ergonomic gaming experience, it does have some drawbacks, including its incompatibility with thicker phone cases and the lack of a headphone jack and charging port for pass-through. Despite these limitations, the X4 Aileron is a strong contender for mobile gamers seeking a high-quality, responsive controller for their Android devices.

Positives and Negatives

  • Solid build quality and premium materials

  • Innovative two-piece design with magnetic connection

  • Hall Effect analog sticks for longevity and accuracy

  • Responsive microswitch buttons with a 5 million-click lifespan

  • Comfortable for long play sessions with good ergonomic design

  • Easy to attach a wireless charger or cooler due to the unobstructed back

  • Price is high, but already seen discounted

  • Garish green color of the phone grips

  • Lack of compatibility with thicker phone cases (over 1mm)

  • Absence of a headphone jack and charging port for pass-through


Disclosure: Review sample provided by GameSir.

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