GameSir G8 Galileo Mobile Controller Review

GameSir G8 Galileo Review
Credit: GameSir

GameSir, now renowned for producing some of the best mobile gaming controllers, is back at it again with the G8 Galileo. This time around, the company is pushing ergonomics in an attempt to master comfort. Has GameSir achieved this? Here is my review.

Ergonomics are the priority

GameSir G8 Galileo Review
Credit: GameSir

The G8 Galileo’s design mirrors that of traditional console controllers, boasting full-sized sticks and buttons that provide an exceptionally comfortable grip during extended gaming sessions. This ergonomic design, however, makes the controller less portable compared to some of its competitors.

The G8 Galileo’s weight, at 252 g, remains optimal for steady handling without causing fatigue. The addition of two back buttons, with customizable mapping, enhances the overall gaming experience, especially in competitive titles.

Wide compatibility

GameSir G8 Galileo Review
Credit: GameSir

A notable feature of the G8 is its adjustable Type-C port, accommodating a wide range of phone sizes (110-185 mm in length and up to 13 mm depth). This flexible design ensures a secure fit for various smartphones, including the new iPhone 15 series and many Android devices. Despite this versatility, users will likely find that they have to remove their phone case to use the controller, which is a common downside.

The controller’s performance is bolstered by its Hall Effect analog sticks and triggers, offering precision and durability. The sticks offer 360-degree control with anti-friction rings, enhancing their longevity and smoothness. The triggers are equally impressive, offering responsiveness that’s beneficial in competitive gaming scenarios.

Keep playing

GameSir G8 Galileo Review
Credit: GameSir

The built-in wired Type-C port ensures a direct and reliable connection, eliminating concerns about disconnections or lag. The pass-through charging feature is a significant advantage, allowing gamers to charge their devices while playing indefinitely. Additionally, the controller includes a 3.5mm audio jack, a welcome feature for gamers who prefer using wired headphones.

The GameSir app, which works especially well for Android users, extends the controller’s capabilities, allowing for extensive customization of button mapping and trigger sensitivity. iPhone users won’t be treated to the same experience, unfortunately.

Final Verdict

The GameSir G8 Galileo Mobile Gaming Controller is a robust, high-performance device that significantly enhances the mobile gaming experience. Its design, mirroring that of a traditional console controller, offers comfort and familiarity. The Hall Effect sticks and triggers set a new standard in mobile gaming precision and durability. However, its size and software limitations for iOS users are points that potential buyers should consider.

Despite some limitations, the GameSir G8 Galileo stands as a strong contender in the rapidly evolving mobile gaming market.

Disclosure: G8 Galileo review sample provided by GameSir.

Positives and Negatives

  • Fantastic comfort, even for those with larger hands.

  • Hall Effect sticks are very welcome.

  • Works with the latest iPhones.

  • Pass-through charging and 3.5 mm headphone port.

  • You will likely have to remove your phone case.

  • Software limiations for iPhone users.


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