Game studios continue stay-at-home giveaways: 'Child of Light,' 'Drawful 2,' more

Even after giveaways for "Tomb Raider" and "Deiland" expire, "Drawful 2," "Child of Light," "Goat of Duty" and others continue to be made available for free.

With offer periods for Square-Enix's early self-isolation encouragements "Tomb Raider" (Steam, Square Enix Store) and spin-off "Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris" (Steam, Square Enix) expiring at midnight March 24 PDT (7am UTC), there are still plenty of other computer game giveaways ongoing.

Those able to get in before a March 23 11pm PDT deadline (March 24, 6am UTC) can also snag "Deiland" through Steam.

It's a sweet multi-planet exploration and crafting quest, and the previous title from Chibig, Spanish studio behind hotly anticipated 2020 chill-out adventure "Summer in Mara."

Multiplayer "Call of Duty" spoof "Goat of Duty," with its bestiary of extravagantly costumed gunned ungulates, remains a freebie until March 31, 9am PDT (5pm UTC).

Also intended for multiple players is party game "Drawful 2," in which mobile devices are controllers and silly drawing challenges fuel the fun, which is free until April 10 at 9pm PDT (April 11, 5am UTC).

Running from March 24, 6am PDT (1pm UTC) to the same time on March 28 is a giveaway for well-received fairy adventure "Child of Light" from Ubisoft.

The French publisher is also reminding site visitors that its computer programming game, "Rabbids Coding," propelled as it is by rabbit-like aliens with an affinity for slapstick hijinks and suction cup plungers, has been and continues to be free and "suitable for anyone who can read" in English or in French.

Over on indie game storefront, a number of broad sale promotions continue on indie, many reducing the price of popular and amateur titles to a pay-what-you-want threshold of zero, such as those within the Games to Help You Stay Inside and the Self-Isolation On a Budget collections.

Participating titles include the highly regarded story-driven puzzle adventure "She Remembered Caterpillars," pixelated arcade shooter series "Bleed," an action game about nightmares and self acceptance in "Lucah: Born of a Dream" and cute train sim / toy set "Soko Loco."