'Get In The Game': Stephen Miller Tells GOP To Use 'Power' Against Democrats In On-Air Rant

Stephen Miller, an ex-White House adviser to Donald Trump, urged the GOP to get “off the sidelines” after a New York jury convicted the former president on 34 charges in his hush money trial.

Miller, in a Friday interview with Fox NewsJesse Watters, called on Republicans to “unshackle themselves from their self-imposed restraints” in the wake of the guilty verdict and respond to Democrats trying to “destroy” America.

“We can’t just sit back and say, ‘Oh, I hope everything corrects itself,’” Miller said. “You have to get in the game, Republicans. I want every secretary of state — are you purging your voting rolls of noncitizens right now?”

He continued: “Is every Republican state AG [attorney general] opening investigations into voter fraud right now? Is every House committee controlled by Republicans using its subpoena power in every way it needs to right now? Is every Republican DA [district attorney] starting every investigation they need to right now? Is every donor off the sidelines and in the game, the big-dollar guys, the rich guys, the wealthy guys?”

Miller said: “Every facet of Republican Party politics and power has to be used right now to go toe-to-toe with Marxism and beat these communists. That’s the task, Jesse.”

The remarks from Miller, one of the architects of the Heritage Foundation-led “Project 2025” blueprint for a Trump second term, follow dozens of occasions when the former president has said that he wants to use the federal government to target political foes.

Last year, Trump declared that if he retakes the White House, he’ll appoint a “real” special prosecutor to go after Joe Biden, calling him “the most corrupt president in the history of the USA.” And a Trump campaign spokesperson recently suggested that he could seek revenge against those that put the hush money case together.