Game Over, Astrologists: Zodiac Signs Have Zero Bearing on Our State of Mind, Researchers Find

If you have been going around blaming your bad attitude on your astrological birth chart, we have some bad news for you.

Mohsen Joshanloo, an associate professor of psychology at South Korea's Keimyung University, set out to see if there was any correlation between "subjective well-being" and the supposed influence of Western astrological signs. As detailed in a study published in the journal Kyklos, which was first picked up in PsyPost, he found no significant correlation between the two, dealing a blow to astrological girlies all over the world.

In other words, people have yet to find a real excuse for their terrible state of mind and not because they are a persnickety Virgo.

Joshanloo took more than 12,000 participants from the long running General Social Survey, an American-based survey, and analyzed how they gauged their well-being and saw if there was any correlation between it and their self-reported zodiac birth sign.

"Well-being was measured across eight components: general unhappiness, depressive symptoms, psychological distress, work dissatisfaction, financial dissatisfaction, perceived dullness of one's life, self-rated health, and unhappiness with marriage," wrote Joshanloo.

Joshanloo also performed analysis on whether the zodiac signs had a predictive impact on future well-being — and surprise, surprise, found none.

"An additional analysis revealed that astrological signs were no more predictive of than random numbers," Joshanloo noted in his paper.

It's a convincing, albeit unsurprising finding, especially given the large sample size involved, but knowing humanity, many of us will persist in believing that our fate is already written in the stars — as much as 30 percent of Americans do in fact.

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