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Game on! This complete pickleball set is just $16 — that's almost 50% off

See what all the fuss is about with this ultra-affordable kit.

The pickleball revolution is upon us. Want to get in on the fun? I'll wager a jar of, well, pickles that you've heard of this rapidly growing sport. It's everywhere these days, and with good reason: It's easy to learn, fun to play and a solid workout. It also requires precious little equipment: All you need is a paddle, a ball and a few friends. Right now, Amazon's got an incredible deal on the first two requirements: For a limited time, the Franklin Sports Activator Pickleball Paddle and Ball Set is just $16.

These wood paddles are perfect for beginners, and you can't beat the price. You even get a couple of outdoor balls to get your game rolling.

$16 at Amazon

At $14 off, this is one of the better deals we've seen — there are lots of other pickleball sets starting at around $40. If you're looking to get into pickleball but aren't looking to invest quite yet, this set is a solid place to start. You'll get two paddles and two balls, so you can start practicing with a partner ASAP.

Spring and summer are the perfect time to play, and pickleball is a great excuse to get outside with friends. Both the paddles and balls are USA Pickleball Association-approved, meaning they're the right size and weight. So how does this set differ from one that costs more? Aren't all pickleball paddles and balls created equal?

Not exactly. These paddles have a wood core that's more likely to break during, er, a moment of frustration than pricier fiberglass. Wood also weighs a little more; these paddles are about 10 ounces each, whereas fiberglass ones tend to be lighter, around 8 ounces.

Still, if you're just getting started, this set is an inexpensive way to get a feel for the sport. The handles feature nonslip grips, and there are paddle-protecting edge guards. Once you discover your pickleball passion, you can decide whether to splurge on a pro-quality set.

Looking for a new hobby? Pickleball is fast-paced and easy to learn. (Amazon)

Close to 2,500 five-star reviewers say this affordable set is an excellent way to start your pickleball career, be it short or long.

One five-star fan shared, "We have used these paddles for outdoor court and outdoor lawn pickleball. They are fantastic! The paddles are lightweight, have a good handle shape and grip, a nicely cushioned handle, and they help with excellent control of the ball. Compared to other more expensive paddles, they stand up and even exceed expectations."

Another newbie wrote: "These are great for beginners. My boyfriend and I wanted to pick this sport up and these have been great. They have held up all summer long! We love them and plan on buying more for friends and family."

"I have played pickleball for several years now and am still using these same paddles ... I've played with $150 paddles and these are just as good," raved a third fan.

One downside here is the lack of a carrying case, though just about any gym bag would work fine. Other shoppers noted that these are solid beginner rackets, but as you get better, you will likely want to upgrade.

One customer shared, "These paddles are great for backups. I bought these to have extra for when I introduce new friends to pickleball. They are wood, so they're not meant to be highly competitive ... They'll be perfectly adequate for a beginner until they figure out if they want a better paddle."

Another wrote: "After less than a month of playing, one of the paddles warped. We live in Florida. Perhaps the heat caused the paddle to warp. ... You take a risk and get what you pay for sometimes."

Taking up a new hobby like pickleball can be hard, but at least it doesn't have to be expensive. 

$16 at Amazon

Want to jump right to a foursome? The Amicoson Pickleball Set includes paddles, balls and a drawstring bag.

Get a full game of pickleball going with this set that includes four wooden paddles and eight balls.

$24 at Amazon

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