Gambian ‘Kora Hero’ serenades Italians by boat

This is Italy's ''Kora Hero''

Kora (arrow to instrument)

Location: Castiglion del Lago, Italy

(SOUNDBITE) (Italian) 23-YEAR-OLD GAMBIAN MUSICIAN, ALIEU SAHO, SAYING: "This instrument is called Kora, I started playing it when I was 5-6 years old with my father. We played at many festivals together in the Gambia but also in Senegal and Mali. I wanted to take my music all over the world, to places I don't know yet, and to let the world know what the kora is. That's why I made a long journey from the Gambia to here."

Gambian-born Saho took part in this Umbrian blues festival

where musicians play to audiences on the shore from borrowed fishing boats

Performing on a boat had an extra special meaning for Saho

Like many thousands of migrants, he crossed the Mediterranean Sea four years ago

in order to get to Europe

(SOUNDBITE) (Italian) 23-YEAR-OLD GAMBIAN MUSICIAN, ALIEU SAHO, SAYING: "I remember when I was on board the boat to come here, it's a powerful memory and a powerful feeling."

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