What is Galentine’s Day and how to celebrate it?

Galentine's day
Galentine's day

While there is no fixed time of the year to celebrate love, February is hailed as the month for lovers because Valentine’s Day falls on the 14th. However, if you are single and wondering how to celebrate love, here’s what you can do — call up your gal pals or female co-workers and celebrate Galentine’s Day. That’s right!

Who said only romantic relationships deserve all the attention in February? Besides, your girls are your strongest support system, and you need to celebrate the bonds you share.

Still clueless? All you need to do is to initiate the idea among your closest friends and read about this exclusive day meant to be celebrated with your lady friends.

Here’s what you need to know about Galentine’s Day celebrations

History of Galentine’s Day

Galentine’s Day is an unofficial celebration held on 13 February and is dedicated to the ladies and their girlfriends. It was made famous by Leslie Knope, a fictional character essayed by Amy Poehler in the American mockumentary series Parks and Recreation, in 2010. Here’s a sneak peek of the episode:

In the episode, Leslie mentions that Galentine’s Day is “only the best day of the year! Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it—breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies. It’s like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus frittatas.”

The episode was aired in the second season of the series, where Leslie hosts a breakfast to celebrate her gal pals while they gorge on waffles. According to Nielsen Media Research, the episode grabbed 4.98 million household views when it was aired.

The tradition of Galentine’s Day resonated immensely among ladies and has gained popularity ever since. You will be surprised to learn that there are 11,97,202 Instagram posts with #galentinesday at the time of writing this article. More so, Hallmark once reported that nearly 66 per cent of women were buying greeting cards for only their friends and family. This inspired them to release specially curated Galentine’s Day cards and other gifts aimed at platonic relationships.

Who celebrates Galentine’s Day?

galentine's day
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Galentine’s Day can serve as a perfect excuse to leave your significant other at home and create special memories with your lady friends. It does not matter how you do it; what really makes a difference is letting your gang or even that one friend know they are important.

Unlike Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, which is a celebration with only one person, Galentine’s Day gives you an opportunity to have fun with your best female friends. However, through the years, some have made the celebration inclusive by inviting friends, irrespective of their gender. But traditionally, this day is celebrated by women and their female friends.

What can you do on this day?

Now that you know who you can celebrate Galentine’s Day with, may we suggest some ways to honour and cherish your female friendships? Here’s how you can make the most of the day (or night) with your favourite.

Video call with your closest friends

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If you prefer staying indoors on Galentine’s Day, or if your girlfriends do not live close by, a zoom call and a few hours are all you need to have fun. Or, how about planning a themed party so that the group selfie looks glam on Instagram? We are sure you will rock in those pyjamas or little pink dresses this 13 February.

Don’t forget to send that zoom invite, along with some recipes and virtual game ideas, and have a blast.

Self-care game

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This Galentine’s Day, get together with your girls and indulge in some self-love. Throw in some face masks, groovy music and delicious food and beverages from your favourite diner for a party that you’ve been longing to have.

Indulge in retail therapy

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Celebrate Galentine’s Day with some much-needed shopping with your best friends. If you are looking for some gift exchange ideas, then books, gadgets, candy hearts, chocolates, face masks, accessories, wines, and champagnes are some good options.

Nevertheless, make sure you and your gal pals have a blast together either shopping at malls or online.

Kick it breakfast style

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Taking inspiration from Leslie yet again, head out or stay in with your favourite girls for breakfast or brunch. Isn’t this the perfect season and reason for some waffles, coffee and Instagram-worthy pictures?

Plan an all-girl trip

all-girl trip
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If you and your pals are adventure junkies or like to unwind to the luxuries of a plush resort, plan on a special holiday with them this Galentine’s Day.

What a wonderful way to relax and celebrate friendship with your favourite ladies, isn’t it? Plan a weekend getaway to explore some nearby places on this special occasion.

We also recommend getting customised face masks or T-shirts and popping a bottle of champagne to create memories because, as the Maroon 5 song goes, “the drinks bring back all the memories; and the memories bring back, memories bring back you.”

Book lovers unite

book lovers unite
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If you are a part of a book club, then how about inviting all the women to discuss a book that was liked by all last month? We also suggest partaking in barter or gifting novels or magazines as Galentine’s Day party favours. You can even meet online and talk about a best-selling novel.

Sign up for a class

sign up for a class
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What about attending a yoga or self-defence session with your gal pals at a studio nearby? You can even sign up for online cooking or craft classes to learn something new together. If you have a hobby that your friends have always wanted to learn, why not host a virtual session?

Or, if you are good at playing an instrument, let’s say a guitar, and your friend is a skilled pianist or something, then you can get together for an online jamming session.

Now, do you still think only Valentine’s Day is full of fun and love? We hope not.

A happy Galentine’s Day to all the ladies out there!

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