The gala saga of Priyanka Chopra’s RM108 million Bvlgari diamond necklace

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For Priyanka Chopra, turning heads isn’t something new. The MET Gala 2023 is yet again a testimony to the same. Priyanka Chopra’s Bvlgari diamond necklace became the talk of the town. Of course, it’s Bvlgari, but what made this piece stand out on a night full of glitz, glamour, and high fashion?

Celebrating fashion’s biggest night where everyone put their best foot forward, this year’s theme for the MET Gala was a tribute to late designer Karl Lagerfeld. As Priyanka Chopra took to the red carpet in a monochrome Valentino gown and chose Bvlgari to accessorise her outfit, her diamond necklace became the star of the ensemble. Why? It comes with a price tag of USD 24 million (RM108 million approx). As news about expensive necklace is breaking the internet, here’s all you need to know about it.

All about Priyanka Chopra’s Bvlgari diamond necklace

Priyanka Chopra diamond necklace
Priyanka Chopra diamond necklace

Chopra’s gorgeous necklace features a single stone, the famous Bvlgari Luna Blue Diamond. This spectacular 11.16-carat gem gets its name from its vibrant oceanic blue colour. The design of the necklace is inspired by the bay laurel wreaths that Roman emperors wore, with leaf-shaped diamonds set in gold. Priyanka Chopra’s diamond necklace, with its interlocking diamonds, is from Rome, the birthplace of Bvlgari.

The magnificent blue diamond, which is one of the rarest in the world, was originally set in a ring in 1970 for an European private collector, who had owned the diamond all along up until now. Later this month, the blue diamond will undergo changes to be presented at the Sotheby’s Luxury Week in Geneva, where bids will start from at USD 24 million (RM108 million approx.).

Priyanka Chopra diamond necklace
Image: Courtesy Sotheby’s

The MET Gala was the first time that the Bvlgari Diamond Necklace was seen in the public eye in over 40 years.

Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Hero and Featured Image: Courtesy Instagram

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