The Gadys' camp addresses viral KNKV Viral Award performance

4 Mar – The Gadys' camp has recently defended the trio following backlash against their live performance at the KNKV Viral Award 2024 that had since gone viral on social media.

The trio's rep, who addressed the issue of their singing after the three - Aznie Azmi, Ayunie Rizal and Thamiera Chan seemed to have struggled with their pitch, stated that they originally received the Minus One for "Cintaku Sampai Ke Ethiopia", "Cinta Sampai Mati" and "Gadis Dan Bunga" with a key lower than the singers would usually sing.

"After some discussion, they were given a new Minus One on 19 February that suits their vocals. But during the live performance itself, the key was changed again and they had to perform despite being uncomfortable with it," the rep added.

What was strange to them was the Minus One being used was the same one they agreed upon the day before.

"But we are not going to blame any party in this situation. We try not to make a big deal out of this, but as a result, we're being slammed by netizens," the rep added.

It is noted that The Gadys have previously performed at various live shows without a hitch. The trio will also be releasing a new festive song for the upcoming Eid.

The trio are no strangers to live performances
The trio are no strangers to live performances

(Photo Source: The Gadys IG)