FW de Klerk Apologizes for 'Pain' Caused by Apartheid in Posthumous Address to South Africans

The FW de Klerk foundation released the former president’s “last message addressed to the people of South Africa,” in which he apologized “without qualification” for the pain caused by Apartheid, following his death on November 1.

Speaking of apartheid, in the footage De Klerk said, “I without qualification, apologize for the pain and the hurt and the indignity and the damage that Apartheid has done to black, brown, and Indians in South Africa.” He spoke of his views changing “completely,” saying “since the early 80s … I realised that we had arrived at a place which was morally unjustifiable.”

He ended his message with a call to the government and people of the country to “embrace the constitution.” He said, “the road forward is a difficult one, but I firmly believe that … we can overcome the challenges we face and we can fulfil the tremendous potential that South Africa has. May the South African nation show the courage and the ingenuity to achieve this.” Credit: FW de Klerk Foundation via Storyful

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