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42 Funny Graduation Quotes That Are Way Too Accurate

Graduation day is finally here! Even if ceremonies across the country have unfortunately been postponed or cancelled this year, it's never been more important to celebrate the class of 2020 with the best laughs. Whether you’re the graduating student or the proud parent of a 2020 graduate, these funny graduation quotes will get you smiling all throughout your at-home celebration. The past four years wouldn’t have been possible without dedication and great company, after all, so what better way is there to end this amazing chapter of your life than with a laugh?

From lighthearted jokes to inspirational sayings from celebs, these hilarious graduation quotes are perfect to write in a graduation card or to use as an Instagram caption — or even just to share with your favorite 2020 grad throughout their special day. And of course, after picking the best quote to make your grad laugh out loud, make sure to pair it with the best graduation gift — they deserve so much for completing this major milestone, after all!

42 Funny Graduation Quotes That Are Way Too Accurate

“Every year, many, many stupid people graduate from college. And if they can do it, so can you.”

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