Funeral held for migrant's miscarried baby

The mother miscarried two months into her pregnancy as she crossed the Belarusian-Polish border through dense forests with her husband and their five children.

The funeral, attended by two Chechen men from the Muslim community in Poland, were led by local Imam Aleksander Bazarewicz outside a mosque for the Tatars in Bohoniki while the first snow blanketed the fields.

The deceased child, named Halikari Dhaker, was then buried in the village's Muslim cemetery near two Syrian and one African migrant, whose funerals were held within the last 10 days.

Dhaker’s family did not attend the funeral.

According to Bazarewicz, Dhaker’s mother was in a serious condition in a hospital.

Humanitarian agencies say as many as 13 migrants have died on the Poland-Belarus border with snow setting in and worsening the chances for survival of migrants hiding in the Podlasie forests.

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