Funeral held for migrants drowned in channel

The Islamic funeral ceremony took place at the Al Imane Mosque in the northern French city of Lille on Thursday (December 16), after which the four bodies were taken to Paris to be placed on board a flight to Afghanistan on Friday (December 17), according to a group that represents Afghanis living in France.

The loss of 27 lives in the Channel on November 24 was the worst disaster on record involving migrants in the narrow seaway separating France and Britain. It sent shockwaves through Britain and France, whose leaders traded blamed each other for the tragedy.

Despite the sinking and other similar tragedies, migrants continue to attempt the journey in the hope of building a new life in Britain - the head of the French Afghan Association of the Hauts-de-France region, Wali Zia says admits "it will be very difficult to find a solution."

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